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Tuesday 21 January 2020
Iran Iran's Self-Sufficiency in Steel Industry Imminent  (Visit Count : 8634)
"The mining industries have attained their practical values in view of the sanctions imposed on Iran," Ahmadi said at a ceremony held in the city of Sirjan in the Southeastern Kerman province on Thursday to mark the development of Gol-e Gohar iron ore industry.

The deputy minister said Iran was working to give up reliance on oil revenues for several years, but the western sanctions made the country take a long leap overnight as they "helped us find out about the value of the mining industries".

There will be no need to import steel in future in view of the rich iron ore mines existing inside the country, especially in Kerman province, and this is a crucially important point, said the deputy minister.

In June, President Ahmadinejad announced that Iran's steel production should reach 48 million tons in the next 4 or 5 years.

Earlier this year, an Iranian official announced that the production of steel in Iran has grown 5 million tons in the past two years despite the harsh sanctions imposed by the West against the country.

"Despite the intensified sanctions during the last two years, the capacity of Iran's steel production has increased 5mln tons and we will be completely self-sufficient in the steel industry in the next three years," Vice-President of Iran's Steel Association Hamidreza Taherizadeh told FNA in July.

He further added that the Iranian government and private sectors have managed to boost the country's steel production capacity from 12mln tons to 17mln tons in the last two years.

Iranian Minister of Industry, Mine and Commerce Mehdi Qazanfari had earlier this year announced that the country intends to become the largest producer of crude steel in the Middle East.

In its latest report, the World Steel Association named Iran the second-largest steel producer in the Middle East after Turkey. Iran's primary steel mills currently are located in Isfahan and Khuzestan provinces, but the country is working to increase steel hub locations.

Date: 10/28/2012
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